The Greatest Miracle


The Greatest Miracle
Are you worried that you have not been good enough for God to let you into heaven? Is there more to religion that simply rites and rituals? Is it possible to experience Jesus Christ in a personal and intimate way?
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Chapter 1: Do Miracles Still Happen Today?
In this lesson you will study these questions: • What are miracles? • What is the purpose of miracles? • Who is eligible to receive a miracle? • What is the greatest of all miracles that can happen?
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Chapter 2: Where Can I Find Truth?
In this lesson you will study these facts: • The Bible claims to be inspired of God. • It makes sense that God would leave a permanent revelation of Himself to mankind. • The Bible is the best preserved book in history. • The Bible has had enormous positive
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Chapter 3: Aren’t Most People Basically Good?
In this lesson you will study these questions: • Can human beings perform enough good works to merit heaven? • Have all people sinned against God? • What is sin? • Where did sin come from?
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Chapter 4: What Really Happens When We Die?
In this lesson you will study these questions: • Is there life after death? • Is purgatory real? • What is hell like? • How could a good God send anybody to hell? • What is heaven like?
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Chapter 5: How to Find God’s Forgiveness.
In this lesson you will study these questions: • Why is God willing to forgive our sins? • What is the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross? • What does God require for entrance into heaven?
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Chapter 6: Experiencing Jesus Daily
In this lesson you will study these questions: • What is prayer all about? • How is a committed follower of Christ different from one who is not? • What keys exist to understanding the Bible? • Can anything be done to make church attendance more meaningful?
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