The Right Path


Course Introduction
  • Do you carry a heavy, secret burden of shame because of the wrong things you have done?
  • Are you worried that your good deeds may not be good enough for Allah to receive you?
  • Have you found the right path that will lead you to the place of Allah’s paradise?
This book will help you find the Right Path.
(This course is written for those with an Islamic background.)
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Lesson One – How Man Became Miserable
in this lesson you Will study the following:
  • Questions About Life
  • Allah the Creator
  • Where did humans come from?
  • Why did Allah create us?
  • The Origin of Evil
  • A Broken Relationship
  • Allah’s Response
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Lesson Two – Where Are You Going?
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Two Groups of People
  • Allah the Just Judge
  • What Is Sin?
  • The Result of Sin
  • Where are you going after this life?
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Lesson Three – Allah Has Prepared Salvation
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Is There Any Hope?
  • How can relationship with Allah be restored?
  • Allah the Merciful Maker
  • The Messenger of Allah
  • Examples of Redemption
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Lesson Four – The Messenger of Allah
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • The Messenger—The Unique One
  • His Power
  • His Teaching
  • His Character
  • His Purpose
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Lesson Five – Some Brotherly Advice
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • The Sufferings of the Messenger
  • The Resurrection of the Messenger
  • How could sinless Isa die for the sins of humankind?
  • The Ascension of the Messenger
  • Allah’s Gift of Eternal Life
  • How is it possible to receive Allah’s gift?
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Lesson Six – Victory is Ours
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Allah Is Concerned for You
  • New Life in Al-Masih
  • Where is Isa now?
  • Victory Over Temptation
  • Victory Through New Life
  • Your Worst Enemy
  • The Power of Al-Masih
  • Do you want Allah’s special help?
  • The Body of Al-Masih
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Lesson Seven – Go Forward With Allah’s Blessing
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Follow Our Master Isa Al-Masih
  • Confidential Conversation with Allah (Munajat Allah)
  • Share the Blessings of Al-Masih with Others
  • Be Willing to Suffer for the Glory of Allah
  • Receive Power from Allah’s Holy Spirit
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Answers to Self-Tests
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Answer Pages
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