The Right Path


Course Introduction
  • Do you carry a heavy, secret burden of shame because of the wrong things you have done?
  • Are you worried that your good deeds may not be good enough for Allah to receive you?
  • Have you found the right path that will lead you to the place of Allah’s paradise?
This book will help you find the Right Path.
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Lesson One – How Man Became Miserable
in this lesson you Will study the following:
  • Questions About Life
  • Allah the Creator
  • Where did humans come from?
  • Why did Allah create us?
  • The Origin of Evil
  • A Broken Relationship
  • Allah’s Response
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Lesson Two – Where Are You Going?
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Two Groups of People
  • Allah the Just Judge
  • What Is Sin?
  • The Result of Sin
  • Where are you going after this life?
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Lesson Three – Allah Has Prepared Salvation
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Is There Any Hope?
  • How can relationship with Allah be restored?
  • Allah the Merciful Maker
  • The Messenger of Allah
  • Examples of Redemption
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Lesson Four – The Messenger of Allah
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • The Messenger—The Unique One
  • His Power
  • His Teaching
  • His Character
  • His Purpose
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Lesson Five – Some Brotherly Advice
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • The Sufferings of the Messenger
  • The Resurrection of the Messenger
  • How could sinless Isa die for the sins of humankind?
  • The Ascension of the Messenger
  • Allah’s Gift of Eternal Life
  • How is it possible to receive Allah’s gift?
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Lesson Six – Victory is Ours
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Allah Is Concerned for You
  • New Life in Al-Masih
  • Where is Isa now?
  • Victory Over Temptation
  • Victory Through New Life
  • Your Worst Enemy
  • The Power of Al-Masih
  • Do you want Allah’s special help?
  • The Body of Al-Masih
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Lesson Seven – Go Forward With Allah’s Blessing
In this lesson you will study the following:
  • Follow Our Master Isa Al-Masih
  • Confidential Conversation with Allah (Munajat Allah)
  • Share the Blessings of Al-Masih with Others
  • Be Willing to Suffer for the Glory of Allah
  • Receive Power from Allah’s Holy Spirit
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Answers to Self-Tests
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Answer Pages
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