Freedom From Karma


Course Introduction
This book will help you answer the question, is there freedom from Karma?
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Lesson 1: The View of Karma
Karma..four noble truths: eightfold path; making merit in lifeā€¦but what about the debts of life?
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Lesson 2: God and Man
Why does man suffer? What is your view of God and who He is?
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Lesson 3: The Cross as God's Power
Can you transfer merit to a dead relative? Christ transfers merit to the living.
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Lesson 4: Becoming a Follower of Jesus
With Jesus knocking at the door of your heart, are you ready to follow Him?
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Lesson 5: In Obedience to Jesus
Learn to walk with Jesus and to grow up in your faith in Him.
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Lesson 6: Christ in Culture
Discover how to practice the Christian faith in your culture.
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Response Page
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