Challenge to Encounter

How can I know anything for sure? Can a person reject Jesus Christ without honestly considering His claims? Is there a God? This course seeks to provide the basis for an intelligent encounter with Jesus Christ.

What is the Nature of Truth? And what is the criteria for determining what is true? This lesson explores Truth as well as doubt and other obstacles to determining Truth.

In this lesson, we study Atheism and Agnosticism and the problem of proving God. Various arguments for God’s existence are discussed as well as the personal aspect of God.

Who is Jesus? And what about His Divinity and Resurrection? This lesson looks at the purpose of Jesus’ life and challenges us to accept Him into our lives.

Where did the Bible come from? Why should we live our lives based on it? This lesson talks about how we can understand the Bible and apply to our lives.

Experience by itself is inadequate when it comes to your spiritual life. We will study different levels of belief and apply what we have learned to our spiritual lives.