Your Helpful Friend

Everyone needs friends and everyone values those special friends who are always there when you need them the most. Each of us has a special friend in the Holy Spirit, and this course by Louise Jeter Walker tells about this very special friend in its l44 pages. Many students have experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit after studying this course.

Today, more than ever before in the history of the world, people are talking about the Holy Spirit and His work. They have discovered that He is a Person, not just an influence.

This lesson will help you: Explain who the Holy Spirit is, Describe how the Holy Spirit can be your Friend, and list seven specific titles of the Holy Spirit that show who He is and what He does.

Why did the Holy Spirit come? The Pentecostal writer, Melvin L. Hodges, said to enable us to think God’s thoughts. Our natural thinking is self-centered; the divine program calls for self-giving. We think of ourselves; God thinks of others. So something must take place that will bring our thoughts into line with God’s thoughts. The coming of the Spirit was intended to accomplish this.

A student baptized with the Holy Spirit writes: "There was a newness in prayer, a newness that for many of us marked the beginning of a deeper faith life."

This lesson will help you: discover important truths about prayer as the Holy Spirit teaches you, worship God in a new and deeper way as the Holy Spirit inspires you, state what happens when you allow the Holy Spirit to pray through you.

The Holy Spirit comes to show us the truth. But how can He teach us if we ignore the Bible, the Word of Truth? He has come to give us power to witness and power to pray. But how can He perform His great work through us and in us if we keep silent about our faith and neglect prayer?

"Walking in the Spirit" means letting the Holy Spirit lead you. But just exactly how does He lead? This lesson answers that important question.

Christianity without the Holy Ghost in it is a shell, a beautiful form, but lifeless, dead. Only God, the Holy Ghost, can produce the flame that kindles. The Bible is full of promise and exhortation to us to approach God with a full confidence of faith to receive this promise.

This lesson will help you: explain the purpose for the power, which the Holy Spirit gives you; state what the Bible says about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, name the signs of the Holy Spirit that show His presence in the lives of believers.

We have learned that the Holy Spirit is a gift. When are we ready to receive this gift?

First, we must be sure that the experience of being filled is actually possible. We must be convinced that it is nothing strange or unusual. We must see that it is the proper work of God.

Secondly, we must desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Are we truly willing to let the Spirit of God be Lord of our life? If we can, we are ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit!