Christian Worship

Worshiping God is like a precious stone because it makes us spiritually rich. And, like a beautiful gem, there are different faces or facets to worship. We will study several of the most important ones. As you learn to put these truths into action, you will be polishing your "gem" of worship. The Holy Spirit will help you so that every facet radiates the beauty and glory of God.

Bible history tells us of people who believed in God, yet wanted to worship something they could see or picture in their minds. Their loyalties were divided. But the end result became worship of (and obedience to) their idols. Jesus said, "No one can be a slave of two masters" (Matthew 6:24).

We want to love, serve, and worship one Master—He who is worthy.

Prayer is not difficult. Don’t we want to talk with someone who loves us and whom we love in return? As with earthly conversations, the more we talk the easier it becomes to talk. The more we pray, the easier it becomes to pray, to express our love in words and in worship.

If we say that we love Jesus, our deeds must also show that love.

This lesson will help you: compare the servant qualities in the life of Christ with those present in your own life, describe the attitudes which are necessary to make service an act of worship, appreciate the importance of worshipping God through service.

Music is important, for it can influence the way we feel, work on our emotions, and even change the way we act. The highest purpose of music is to worship and glorify the Lord.

The Bible gives examples of worship through both instrumental and vocal music. These are given to help us in our ministry of thanksgiving and praise to God.

God has set guidelines in His Word for our worship. In this lesson we’ll study how we can prepare ourselves for effective Christian worship.

The purpose of this lesson is not to tell you how you must worship, but to share what other believers have learned about worship. Some of these believers lived in Bible times; others are living today. As you put into practice what you are learning, you will in turn help others too.

This lesson will help you: desire the blessing God offers to those who worship him and to look forward to an eternity of unbroken communion with the Lord.