Find God

The Great Questions of Life

A six-lesson course for people who want to know more about the nature of God and what is happening to the world. Do you sometimes wonder what life is all about? Why you were born? How do you find happiness? If so, these six lessons will be very helpful to you. Available in print and video.

Highlights in the Life of Christ

The six lessons in this course focus on the life and ministry of Jesus, from His birth to His resurrection. Available in Print.

Challenge to Encounter

How can I know anything for sure? Can a person reject Jesus Christ without honestly considering His claims? Is there a God? This course seeks to provide the basis for an intelligent encounter with Jesus Christ.

Option to Live

This twelve-part drama shows that even in the midst of struggle, God can reveal His truth and mercy to those who listen. Follow the story of four people: two Muslim friends and two Christian brothers as they escape from war-torn Lebanon in 1975!

We Hear from the Prophets

The eight lessons of this course record the life-changing experiences of eight of God’s prophets. Careful study of this course and obedience to the words of the prophets will help you know how to submit to God.

God Loves You

Welcome to the Global University family! Boys and girls in many countries are studying these same lessons. So are many of their parents and older brothers and sisters. Why? Because they all like to read about these great men and women who lived long ago. And because it is fun to look at the pictures and to do the things that you are asked to do in each lesson.

Most of all you will like these lessons because of what you will learn about God. God loved the people you will read about. He did many wonderful things for them. You will see how God loves you too and does wonderful things for you. Available in print.

Pathways for Turbulent Times

If you want more out of life, this book is for you! Be prepared for some surprises though. It may challenge some of your ideas. It may stretch your mind in ways that make you feel uncomfortable at first. But if you are the kind of person who isn't satisfied withthe status quo, if you wonder sometimes if life couldn't be better than it is, read it!

How Can I be Truly Happy?

This course deals with the issue of question of what true happiness really is. You will discover that you are not the only one who has asked this question. The stories in this study are true stories of people who have sought solutions to their problems.

David Comic Book

Discover how a teenage shepherd boy confronts his biggest foe and becomes an unlikely hero!

Gideon Comic Book

A frightened group of 300 men decide to take on an entire army. Do they stand a chance?

Esther Comic Book

An ordinary young lady suddenly becomes a queen and then risks everything to save her people!

The Christmas Story

Join Herbie and the gang as they learn about the origins of the very first Christmas while presenting their own Christmas play. What will they do when a dog and a swinging angel threaten to destroy the whole thing?

Is Jesus God?

If the testimonies of the world’s great leaders and scholars about Jesus Christ are correct, he is the most unique person to ever live in this world. This book will help you answer the question: Is Jesus God?

The Right Path

  • Do you carry a heavy, secret burden of shame because of the wrong things you have done?
  • Are you worried that your good deeds may not be good enough for Allah to receive you?
  • Have you found the right path that will lead you to the place of Allah’s paradise?
    (This course is written for those with an Islamic background.)
This book will help you find the Right Path.

The Greatest Miracle

Are you worried that you have not been good enough for God to let you into heaven? Is there more to religion that simply rites and rituals? Is it possible to experience Jesus Christ in a personal and intimate way?

Searching for Answers

A six-lesson course to help people know that God cares about them and has a plan for their lives. Do you sometimes wonder what life is all about? What is the truth about God? And what happens after death? If so, these six lessons will be very helpful to you.
Millions of people have asked the very same questions all throughout time. Many are lost in their search for truth, but others have had their questions answered. In this book, you will explore the answers to questions that you have, and want answers to.

I Am God

  • Do you wonder what life is all about?
  • Are you looking for more to this life than just what you see everyday?
  • Do you want and need an assurance that once this life is over, there is more?

This book will help you to understand your spiritual nature and destiny amid some of life’s toughest, most painful problems, and provide a meaning in life.

Freedom From Karma

This book will help you answer the question, is there freedom from Karma?

The Spirit World

  • Do you fear demons, sorcery, curses, and other unseen spiritual forces?
  • Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?
  • Do you know the truth about God?
  • What blood sacrifice can deliver you from the guilt and shame of your sin?

This book will help you find the truth about The Spirit World.

Absolutes or Not

This book will help you discover faith and assurance in a culture of pluralism and tolerance.

The Counterfeit Wealth

Can money and material things bring true happiness? Is your spending and lifestyle out of control and putting you into huge debt? What brings true happiness to a person’s life?
This book will help you discover where to find true contentment and joy.