How Can I be Truly Happy?

This course deals with the issue of question of what true happiness really is. You will doscover that you are not the only one who has asked this question. The stories in this study are true stories of people who have sought solutions to their problems.

Cassio Columbo turned to darkness for solutions to his money and personal problems but he only received more trouble. When the problems got even worse, he turned to the only source of true happiness.

Helena Brandao tells us how she got free from alcohol addiction and drugs and how she found peace.

Terezhinha Muller tells her story of tremendous oppression and of a miraculous deliverance and physical healing.

The experience of Heber Soares and his wife, Rita, will help you understand what spirits can and cannot do. It will answer the question, “How can I protect myself against the attacks of evil spirits?”

In this last lesson, we are going to study the steps that you can take to experience true happiness and peace.