Pathways for Turbulent Times

If you want more out of life, this book is for you! Be prepared for some surprises though. It may challenge some of your ideas. It may stretch your mind in ways that make you feel uncomfortable at first. But if you are the kind of person who isn't satisfied withthe status quo, if you wonder sometimes if life couldn't be better than it is, read it!

This chapter will help you to: — Identify some of the factors that influence your life. — Relate specific problems in society to their underlying causes. — Understand how the pressures of modern living have affected you personally.

This chapter will help you to: — Develop effective methods of facing problems related to employment. — Avoid financial manipulation. — Maintain control over your personal resources so that you can invest them wisely.

This chapter will help you to: —Improve your home life. —Relate successfully to your children. —Build satisfying friendships.

This chapter will help you to: — Understand how the media can shape your ideas of the world. — Solve school-related problems. — Know why you must analyze the ideas and information you receive.

This chapter will help you to . . . — State why many regard religion as irrelevant or harmful. — Understand why you feel a sense of incompleteness. — Evaluate the ways people try to find a deeper meaning in life. — Find the solution that meets your need.

This chapter will help you to: — Deal effectively with anxiety and apprehension. — Use adversity to your advantage. — Look beyond death with hope and positive anticipation. — Know how to relate your resources to all areas of life.