Christian Workers

Jesus was our example in taking the good news to people everywhere and He wants us to share the gospel wherever we go. This l44-page course by Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo will help the reader to understand the true nature of evangelism. Knowing the principles contained in this course will enable believers to share Christ with the people around them in a more convincing, powerful and positive way.

As you study this first lesson you will begin to discover what God’s plan for you is and how you can be a part of His work in the world today. It will help you know who belongs to God's family, describe God's plan for His family and explain how you are a part of God's plan to carry the gospel to the world.

What was it that brought the first believers together?

This lesson will help you: list the reasons why believers in the first church met together, explain how the church continues the work of Jesus in the world, describe what should happen when believers meet together.

You are about to discover more about God’s purpose for the church and the ministries of its members. This lesson will help you: describe the church using three illustrations, explain what Christ does as head of the body, list several ministries that believers have as members of the body.

Not everyone has the same ministry. There are those who preach and teach, those who give messages of wisdom and knowledge, and those who serve and share.

Perhaps you have been wondering about your ministry. May the truths in this lesson show you how you can discover your special ministry in the body of Christ.

As you study this lesson, you will see what the Bible says about being a Christian worker. It will help you: describe the qualities a Christian worker should have, name several things you can do to help develop your ministry gifts, and to determine to be the kind of person God can use as his worker.

In this lesson we will learn why God gives different abilities to different people.

This lesson will help you: describe the relationships Christian workers should have with each other, explain the result that comes when believers work together, appreciate the importance each person has as a member of the body.

As you study this lesson, you will learn more about the kind of love you need to have as a Christian worker. You will learn about where it comes from and what results it can have in your life.

This lesson will help you discover more about why the church needs leaders. It will help you understand what kinds of leaders there are and how you can work with them so that God’s wonderful purposes for the church can be carried out.

Perhaps you have asked yourself what the future will be for the Christian worker. This lesson will help answer that question. Let the truths it presents inspire you in your work for the Lord and fill your heart with joy.