God's Design—Your Choice

God has a design for your life, but He has left it up to you to choose whether or not you will follow His plan. This 155-page course by Lowell Harrup will help you find out more about God's design for you and the many ways in which God will help you if you choose to follow Him. Knowledge about God's design and our choice will help everyone when they are confronted with the bewildering array of decisions that each person must make everyday.

In Egypt there are great monuments called pyramids. Their building stones fit each other so perfectly that often mortar was not needed to hold them in place. Could they have been built by chance?

Imagine thousands of men with huge piles of stones. What would have been made with no design? In this lesson you will learn about God’s design. What is more, you will find out that God has a design for you.

Perhaps you are wondering about your relationship to God’s design now. You may not be sure that you are part of it and that God wants to speak to you about it. In this lesson you will discover what is your present position in God’s design. You will learn several facts which show you why that God wants to speak to you. And you will also learn about the promises and the provision He has made to guide you into fulfilling His design for you.

The professor began to list what she expected the students to do during the coming year—the reading assignments, the written work, the tests. It looked impossible! Sam became very discouraged.

Sometimes when we begin to view the plan of God, we may feel like Sam did. It looks too big. In this lesson we will see what He does for us as we seek to reach the goals He has set for our lives.

Sometimes it is pleasant to do God’s will, and sometimes it is difficult. Abraham faced one of those difficult times. God may be using circumstances in your life to test your faith also. In this lesson we will study how our circumstances are related to God’s design for us. As you study, you will discover some ways in which God can use circumstances to fulfill His design in your life.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, "What is my true self? Am I what the Bible says I am, or am I what I feel I am?" Even when we study the Scriptures, it may be hard for us to understand what we are. In this lesson we will compare what the Bible says we are with our own experience and actions. We will discover what God considers to be important. Then we will study how we can actually become what God expects us to be.

"Go out; touch no unclean thing." The voice had authority; it was convincing. As Manuel listened, he became sure the voice was God’s voice. He answered the voice with a dedication of his life. God does speak. He can be heard. This lesson will help you discover how God speaks to you.

The apprentice showed great promise. What made this apprentice so outstanding was his ability to put all of his energy into his work. Could this description represent what Christ was like as a child? This much we know: His childhood was real. As God the Son, Christ certainly knew the plan of eternity. But in becoming man, He chose to share in the human experience of learning and of communicating with God through prayer.

What is this thing in humankind that always wants to know the future? Is it wrong? In this lesson you will discover how God wants you to view the future and what He has revealed about it. To accomplish this, you will study God’s Design for the Future, Why God Limits His Revelation, and God’s Design for Today.