Marriage and the Home

Many young couples take this course in preparation for marriage and find a number of time-tested rules for developing a happy home. As they study this 160-page course by Rex Jackson, family members learn to appreciate each other more by learning the basic principles of proper relationships in the home. Marriage was established by God and the family is the building block of society. Without strong family units the church cannot be what God intended for it to be. This course deals with all of the aspects of marriage and home that make the family the strong unit that the church rests upon.

In this lesson we will study how the relationship of Christ to His church is reflected in every marriage built upon divine principles. The kind of marriage that will have far-reaching effects for good is the one that is built according to the pattern and directions given in God’s Word.

God’s standards of right and wrong are intended to make His sons and daughters fit and able to live life to the fullest.

In this lesson we will study how those who treat God’s laws lightly are denied the greater pleasure, the better prize God has in store for them.

Prayer and an honest look at what the Bible has to say about marriage has saved many a young person from making an unhappy choice. In this lesson we will discover the importance of considering the other person’s attitudes toward life, and his or her traits and patterns of behavior.

It sometimes comes as a surprise to people in love that disagreements between them will arise. The best time to discover and deal with many of these is prior to marriage. In this lesson we will study ways in which couples prepare for marriage, opportunities they have for getting to know one another better, and how their lives can bring honor to God during the engagement period.

When two people begin their lives together as man and wife, they soon discover that many adjustments must be made.

In this lesson we will study about the kind of home that fulfills its purpose for being. We will consider the adjustments that confront a married couple, and ways of resolving problems that arise.

The husband’s role is compared in the Bible to Christ’s love for the church—a self-sacrificing, protective role. Christ sees our potential and what He would like us to be, but He loves and accepts us as we are.

Every Christian husband has dreams and goals he hopes to see realized in a happy home. In this lesson you will recognize ways in which a man safeguards his home as he carries out His God-given roles.

The woman is wise who knows that her role as a wife is one of vast responsibility, and she wants God to show her how to be the kind of wife He wants her to be.

In this lesson we will reaffirm what it means for a woman to give her husband his rightful place in her life—the place God means him to occupy—and in so doing, becomes a stabilizing influence in the home.

One of the most valuable lessons a child can learn is respect for authority. And the lesson begins at home.

In this lesson we will consider reasons children need to learn obedience. We will also recognize some far-reaching effects in the lives of those who learn respect for authority and those who do not.

Well-disciplined and obedient children do not "just happen" any more than a beautiful flower garden "just happens." Both require effort.

In this lesson we will discuss further the areas in which parents are responsible for the training of their children. We will also consider instances of families who suffered unnecessary heartbreak because parents failed in their responsibility to their children.