The Teaching Ministry

Do you know that God wants you to be a teacher? In this study you will learn why God wants you to teach, and how to teach as a ministry.

In our first lesson we will look at Matthew 28:19-20. We will see that Christian teaching is one of the ways God planned to let people know about Himself. He will help us to become Christian teachers, so we can help others find truth.

In this lesson we will look at the history of teaching in the Bible. Teaching was important in the lives of the people in the Old Testament. The ministry of teaching continued through the New Testament.

As much as people in Bible times, we today need to be taught the Word of God. In a world of sinful hearts, our only hope is to hear God’s message. By learning this message we can be examples to others. We then must be willing to teach others.

In this lesson we will look at why we teach. Everyone needs learning but not everyone needs to be taught the same thing at the same time. Some need to learn the plan of salvation. Others need to be taught how they may grow as a Christian.

We are all in need of teachers and we are all commanded to teach. Spiritual truths, both given and received, are included in teaching ministry.

Everyone needs teaching. God, the Creator of all people, wants everyone to know and love Him. We will be better Christian teachers the more we learn about Christian teaching. Our desire should be to teach so the lives of children, teenagers, and adults will be changed. Pray that the Lord will help you understand the needs of each person you know. This is the first step to becoming a teacher for the Lord.

In this lesson you will see why everyone can and should teach. We cannot say we are not able to teach. It is God’s plan and He will help us do it. If you are willing to follow God’s plan, then you will have God’s joy. There is no greater joy in life than helping another person find God’s will for his life. You can do it!

In this lesson we will study about two kinds of people you can teach right in your own home. This teaching can give you a greater joy than you have ever known before. I hope that after studying this lesson you will try these different ways of teaching.

Preparing to teach is like tending a garden. The right message is chosen, and then it is prepared as a lesson. During the class time, the teacher plants in the hearts of the students the seeds of God’s Word.

All this work goes into teaching for one reason. That is to see the student have a full life in Jesus Christ. It is pleasing for a teacher to see people he or she has taught learning to live according to God’s plan for them.

We want our spiritual "food" to taste good. We want to teach in such a way that the learner will be interested in what we are saying and will grow spiritually. That is why we need to use the right methods when we teach.

Methods are not, in themselves, either spiritual or unspiritual. But they make it possible for us to teach spiritual truths so people of all ages can understand them and accept them. Use the best methods when you teach these wonderful truths from God’s Word!

Jesus had the authority to teach God’s truth. He showed this authority when He taught. He also had a goal, and He had methods for reaching the goal. This is the example He left for us to follow.

As you study this final lesson, ask Jesus to help you learn from Him. Let Him lead you to someone this week whom you can teach. Follow the best method in teaching that person.