People, Tasks, and Goals

Most of our knowledge comes to us in two ways: from patterns and from principles. In this course, author Billie Davis analyzes leadership from both perspectives and looks at examples of several of God’s chosen leaders. Students are given the opportunity to consider these familiar biographical studies of the Bible in a new context using the theme of leadership. The most advanced theories of leadership and human development are outlined, and the application of these theories in harmony with Christian faith and practice is explained.

What are the characteristics of a Godly leader? And what is a leader’s place in God’s plan? In this lesson, we will study leaders found in the Bible and learn about leadership in life situations.

In this lesson we will study principles of relating to people and discover that how we feel about people is important to good leadership.

In this lesson we shall examine biblical examples and principles of God’s plan for the development and perpetuation of His Church. We will also learn more about our own growth and development as Christian leaders and how this helps the Church to grow.

In this lesson we will study the leadership example of King David and apply what we learn to modern leadership. We will also learn how to outline plans and prepare worksheets for a specific project.

The Biblical account of Joshua shows us how leaders communicate with others. Through his example, we will learn important communication principles and learn how to listen as a leader.

In this lesson, we will examine the methods of the great leader, Nehemiah. We will learn from him and modern scholars how to solve problems and make decisions.

We must learn to understand the importance and the nature of objectives and goals. We should also accept responsibility for attaining them. The study of Esther in the Bible will help us to learn how to accept responsibility in leadership.

In order to be a leader with purpose, we should understand the processes of the church and how they contribute towards achieving the goals that God has given us.

Motivation is a key to good leadership; both for the leaders and the followers. Understanding what motivates people is vital to helping them accomplish the goals that have been established.