21st Century Discipleship: Getting Started

Getting started right is one of the keys to success in all areas of life, including following Jesus Christ. This course contains practical lessons that will help you capitalize on the joy and excitement of being born again. If you are serious about discipleship, this course is for you!

In this lesson you will learn the importance of spiritual growth and discover the importance of practical church ceremonies.

It is the Christian duty to become Christ-like. In this lesson you will learn what it means to be follow Christ and become more like Him.

Learning what the Bible says and means is key to Christian growth. Learn practical ways to study the words in the Scripture.

To get to know another we talk and listen to them. This is what prayer is. Find the role of prayer in your life as you study this lesson.

Living a Christian life is not always easy. This study will help you to learn to understand what faith is and how to live by faith in Christ.

The church is more than a building of stone, steel, and mortar. Find out what it truly means to be part of a church.

One way we develop a closer relationship with God is through worship and one thing the enemy of God will try to hinder the most is your worship of God. Learn how to rise above those hindrances with true worship.

One of the three persons of God, the Holy Spirit plays a key role in your life. He has been active from before creation, in Jesus’ life, and He desires to be a part of your life.

The Holy Spirit will make a difference in your life. See how He has worked in others to change their lives and bring them into a more intimate relationship with God.

Such a big word, but what does it mean? To become like Jesus in every aspect of your life. Learn why it is important to be like Christ in this world we live.

We all do things we know we should not do. And there are things we are tempted to do that we know we should not. Discover how to fight against the temptations that you will face.

Good products come from good producers. This lesson explains the how to and the why of when there is fruit there is life.

There are all kinds of things that cause fear in people. Learn to confront your fears and allow your faith in the Lord’s presence to overcome those fears.