21st Century Discipleship: Facing Issues

This course contains practical lessons that will help you identify and deal biblically with challenges to experiencing the joy and excitement of a relationship with Christ. If you are serious about spiritual growth and fruitfulness, this course is for you.

This lesson will give biblical guidelines on dealing with anger in both its negative and positive aspects emphasizing the rule of Love.

This lesson will demonstrate the redemptive benefits of extending forgiveness to others as well as the believer’s responsibility of seeking forgiveness from others.

In this lesson the author illustrates explains how broken relationships negatively affect our lives and what steps we can take to ensure healthy relationships.

This lesson emphasizes practical steps to developing the discipline of perseverance stressing both the rewards of perseverance and hindrances to developing it.

In this lesson the author identifies ways in which God corrects His children through His love for us. This lesson also outlines the importance of submission to God’s work in our lives and the goals He has in discipline.

Understanding the reasons for failure is the central focus of this lesson. The author gives insights on how to begin anew as well as helpful principles to live by.

In this lesson you will learn what spiritual gifts are, guidelines for using them and missteps to avoid.

This lesson gives a biblical perspective on personal finances outlining principles which should govern our handling of money.

This lesson calls attention to the very real benefits of suffering in the life of a believer, how God sometimes uses suffering to discipline His children and how Satan attempts to destroy our faith through difficult circumstances.

This lesson discusses six key factors which are essential in order for one to discover God’s direction in life.

Understanding and following spiritual authority are critical concepts to master in one’s walk with Christ. This lesson gives practical insights as to the nature of spiritual authority and its practical application.

Lesson 12 helps us to discover in practical ways what it means to serve God in the local church context. We discover that servant hood is central to this discussion.

This lesson stresses the importance of giving one’s absolute best in service to God’s Kingdom and gives practical steps to achieve this goal.