21st Century Discipleship: Making a Difference

Making a Difference is the third of a three course series belonging to Global University’s 21st Century Discipleship series. It contains practical lessons that will enable you to understand the role you play in serving God and others as you strive to live out the scriptures.

The relation between vision and prayer with the benefits of having and developing vision in your life.

How goals impact success in your life and how to set goals that honor God.

Explains the Biblical mandate for evangelism as well as the role of the Holy Spirit, Scripture and Prayer in Evangelism. Helps you develop a strategy for winning others to Christ.

Discusses how being teachable leads you to transformation.

Identifies the attitudes, actions, and motivations of a servant and explains how servanthood is a means of reaching the lost.

Discusses ways to manage your time better and identifies three principals that influence your understanding of time.

Explains what the ultimate purpose is for your talents and gifts.

Describes the qualities of a leader in contrast to Biblical leaders and discusses ways to develop your leadership gifts.

Looks at Biblical examples of teamwork and indicates characteristics of good teams.

Helps to define, defend, develop, display and discover Unity and it’s potential in your life.

Differentiates between constructive and destructive conflict and identifies the common causes. Discusses steps to take in handling conflict constructively.

Explains the difference between good and bad attitudes and explains why having a Christlike attitude is important.

Identifies the four sources of obstacles typically faced by believers and gives biblical principals for dealing with them.